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The So Flo Comedy Showcase features the funniest comedians from South Florida, around the state, and beyond. Get ready for a night of fun, irreverent, and down right twisted takes on dating, family, the grind, politics and existential crises of all kinds. Florida is infamous for slapping the underbelly of humanity. Let our So Flo comics talk you down from any trauma you may have suffered watching the local news. For our friends from afar, please don't think about crime or sharks or alligators or crocodiles or f&$%ing tegus, pythons, poisonous snakes, lion fish, snake head fish, eels, barracudas, or any other potentially harmful invasive or indigenous Florida wildlife. Come inside where it is safe. The toilet is inspected daily for iguanas, which are harmless, and if we find a cobra, we call pest control. So complete what we assume has been the perfect vaycay day, because you are alive and alert enough to read this. After a beautiful day of sun, sand and surf or whatever you did that was not as good as that, come get cool at the posh BarYtono that welcomes every human being from every place.

Brett Engle


2020 Hollywood Boulevard
United States

Young Circle Park

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Kel Thompson Kel Thompson
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
So Flo Comedy

This is a great showcase and you should definitely check it out!

October 2017

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1 Review


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